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The institution started its journey on 17.01.1964 although the process was continuing from few years ago. Honorable social worker and very much respectable person Bhagaban Prasad Singha shared his concept of opening a school with honorable persons Lambodar Pahari, Gopal Chandra Dash and some other benevolent residents of Baita and surrounding marts. Honourable Mahendranath Pal promised to donate ten thousand rupees and the school was named from his name. We commemorate founder secretary Late Bhagaban Prasad Singha who enriched this school from every corner. The land of playground was donated by him and his name has been immortal with the playground. Also we commemorate first headmaster late Nilkamal Nayek. The school was affiliated as 2 class junior school on 01.01.1965 and four class junior high school on 01.01.1967 .the school system was rolling as usual. But after joining of honorable Mihir Kumar pahari the school reached a turning point. His far sight, well planned academic and infrastructure development programs, outstanding devotion pulled up the school from ground level to the place of glory. On the way of service he got a good a good association of efficient teachers and local well wishers. During his service the school was upgraded as High School on 01.01.1978 and Higher Secondary Section was granted during 2000-2001 academic session . He established school attached hostel which was a nourishing Centre of talented students through hard and fast rules and regulations.After his retirement honorable AHM Shyamapada Bera took charge of the school and continued the progress. The hostel was uplifted. The playground was tendered with boundary wall, volume of school building increased. I joined this school on 01.08.2014. I am trying to continue the trend and speed of development of the school keeping parity with changing society.